Triton Distribution was established in 2014 to offer current manufacturers of E-liquid a sanitary and professional environment to have their liquid produced, bottled, sold, and distributed on a large scale. This joint venture utilized the reach and the experience from both within the industry and brought in valuable knowledge from outside of the industry to offer what the industry needed, and wanted.

Determining that the electronic cigarette premium liquid industry was lacking in many areas, key members at Triton sat down and hatched out a plan that would help to revolutionize the industry. Provide a clean(ISO), professional, and courteous business model to manufacture, bottle, stock, sell, and distribute premium e-liquid brands. This allows manufacturers and customers alike to rest assured that the liquid manufactured by Triton is of the highest quality, produced in the finest of facilities, and sold by the best people in the industry. Offering a full range of services from our state of the art facility in Dallas, TX, Triton puts the customer First always! Triton Distribution also provides a level of professionalism and courtesy never seen before in the industry. And thus, Triton Distribution was formed.